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About us


Trinity Baptist Community Church International is a teaching ministry of God’s Holy Word where we touch, share, love and care and thank God for the opportunity to praise and worship Him.  The four basic precepts of our ministries are:



Inspired, motivational expository preaching delivering the good news of Christ’s love to an ever changing world



A study focused on rightly dividing the word of God and applying His word to our lives today in a sharing and caring study environment



Love expressed in a vibrant caring outreach ministry both locally and internationally which demonstrates a passion and urgency to reach the world for Christ and to nurture believers in Christ



A church that openly cares for and invites everyone to become a part of our family

A church where counseling ministries, support groups and a family worship atmosphere is important


A Church for All People


Every Sunday you can join us as the Holy Sprit is ushered into the Sanctuary of Trinity.  Our Praise & Worship Team leads the congregation to experience true worship, a heartfelt living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. After the opening selection, we spend a few minutes reading God's read.  The scripture reading is followed by the Altar Call.  The Altar Call is an opportunity for us to lay and leave our burdens, trails, tribulations, and pain to the throne of Grace.  We are reminded that God is able even when we are not.  We close Praise & Worship with our Congregational Hymn.


Our Worship Services continues with:

  • Praise and Worship

  • Announcements

  • Prayer

  • Tithes & Offering

  • Musical Selections/Sign/Dance Ministry

  • Preaching God's Word

  • Invitation

  • On 1st Sunday, Communion

  • Benediction


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