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Mrs. Debra McCloyn Visiting Professor at Judson University speaking to the community needs of District 300.  Debra is The Community Advocate for District 300.  She addressed the graduate students at Judson University Leading High-Performance Teams laying out systematic problems faced by the African-American and Latino Communities.  Debra proffered how through Systems and Critical Thinking and Advocacy the District is seeking to make a difference and effect change in our children's lives every day.  Debra challenges all of us to become involved in the development of our children. 

Dr. Karla Wyatt

Dr. Wyatt attended Judson University as visiting professor and addressed the graduate students "Leading High-Performance Teams from High Potential to High-Performance Teams!" class.   Dr. Wyatt posited tough questions to the students. Her technical and passionate presentation on Pediatric Bioengineering challenged the team to think broadly and strategically about both personal and professional choices to ultimately maximize their purpose.  That with God, there are no limits.  Her career choices coupled with, and most importantly, her faith in God (along with dynamic parents who have stayed the course with her) was very inspiring.  Dr. Karla is an Anesthesiologist and an accomplished Published Medical Doctor who is now teaching in Texas. 
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